Residential Medical Waste New Orleans

Improper disposal of residential home medical waste poses a health risk to many, including members of the family, visitors, employees, housekeeping, and school employees. The Department of Solid Waste Management Department come up with these rules and regulations  to help individuals with their medical waste disposal. Biohazard sharps containers may be bought at pharmacies or supplied by a medical waste disposal company in New Orleans, Louisiana. Plastic household containers which are hard and puncture resistant also may be used. For a solution that will work laundry soap bottles are suggested, milk jugs as well as coffee cans are not acceptable. Sharps should be put into the container immediately after they have been used. The top should be secured with tape, as well as the container put into the trash.

Do not attempt to fold or recap needles with their covers, as this will lead to an injuries. People may also purchase a reasonable needle clipping tool from drugstores or on the internet that securely clips, catches and contains the needle and other sharps. These containers may store up to a 2 year supply of needles and sharps. When on the road, bring home used needles, packed in a heavy duty holder like a hard plastic box of some sort. Contact a doctors office, drugstore, medical waste disposal company, or hospital to see if they will accept your sharp containers, or ask a diabetes center about local sharps disposal containers. When flushed down a bathroom or drain, expired and unwanted medications can pollute waste water and is highly dangerous.

Since sewage treatment plants are not designed to deal with drugs, these substances can be sent into streams, lakes and water and impact fish along with other wildlife. The very best way to get rid of medicine is to take it to a family event waste center. Another choice is to securely place medicine in the household garbage by mixing it with anything which will conceal the medication, like kitty litter or used coffee grounds. Place the mixture in a container like a sealed plastic bag and then dispose of it.

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