Homicide Cleanup New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Crime Scene Cleanup is locally owned and operated. We clean up after murder and crime scenes day or night 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When an individual has been murdered, it’s always best to call a crime and trauma scene cleaning company in New Orleans. When someone has been killed in a residence or at work, the police and investigators will not clean and disinfect the scene from which blood and other infectious contaminants may be on scene. They remove the body and take it to the county morgue to be picked up by a local funeral parlor in New Orleans. During a homicide, blood can be spread sometimes throughout the whole property and then the home needs to be completely cleaned and sanitized.

Carpeting soaked with blood sounds like a comparatively simple process, right? Only sop up any blood and bodily fluids with towels and put a fan before the wet spot until it dries. You may thing a carpet cleaning company does biohazard remediation? Wrong! Most likely they are not certified to deal with biohazards situations. Our company just finished a scene where the hot water heater leaked water that soaked into the crime scene. What happens if your hot water heater gives way and you’re suddenly faced with fifty or more liters of water in your home, or if the house was a crime scene? Could you be able to dry up your carpet in time to avoid the formation of mold or mildew? What health risks do a carpeting that hasn’t been correctly dried present to the homeowner? How do you extract ¬†blood contaminated water from the carpet? You have to remove the carpet throughout the whole house and then seal the walls and floors with a blocker – primer. Homicide cleanup is not for everyone! The good news is your homeowners insurance will cover the cost for cleanup in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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