​It’s never easy when someone decides to take their life, and just like any other death; there is a lot to do after the incident.  New Orleans Crime Scene Cleanup allows family and friends to concentrate their focus on memorial plans as well as comforting and healing themselves over this tragedy.  A situation like this is almost never known to anyone other than the victim, and cleaning up is something that is considered very rarely.

Sometimes people do think about making a mess and may take care to lay down plastic or cover or even remove items they don’t want to be damaged.  While the sentiment may add little comfort to family members, it is usually not nearly as effective as they planned it to be.  Our suicide cleanup teams can restore the areas affected back to their previous state, with no evidence of any unfortunate events ever having occurred.  No matter what was used, or how they chose to end their suffering, there is nearly always some bodily functions that need to be cleaned up as a result of the act.  We can clean these up in a jiffy, and all odors that may accompany the deceased are taken care of as well

In the case of suicides that leave large quantities of blood or brain matter, these may take a little longer to clean, and may require replacing carpeting or even flooring, but our experienced cleaners at New Orleans Crime Scene Cleanup will work with you to come up with the most affordable cleaning options for you.  New paint may be necessary for walls and ceilings, and this is a great time to change paint colors and give the room a new life and can help family and friends to move on in a more peaceful manner.

Our cleaning services are not just used for suicides that were successful.  Some of the messiest situations were often those when something didn’t go as planned, and the suicide may not have been successful.  In these cases, while you are attending to them while they are in the hospital and recovering, we can come into your home and clean up everything for you so that you will not have to face it yourself.  By hiring an outside company, like ourselves, to handle such tragic cleaning circumstances, the emotional connection is removed.  This allows us to ensure everything is completed to our high standards, and you, your family, and your friends will be able to return to the home or business without having to be traumatized.