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Hoarding and trash removal in New Orleans are tasks that should be taken seriously by local residents. Hoarding can have a significant impact on the quality of life of those living in hoarded homes, leading to an unhealthy environment due to the clutter and hazardous materials present in hoarded spaces. Unfortunately, hoarding is not often viewed as a serious issue and can easily be overlooked.

When hoarding gets out of control, it can create health and safety risks for both the hoarder and other individuals living within the home, including family members or roommates. If hoarding goes unchecked for too long, it can lead to an unhealthy living environment due to the accumulation of dangerous items such as chemicals, combustible materials, feces or mold that can cause respiratory problems or even fires. On top of this, hoarding piles up debris that attracts pests like rodents and insects into homes.

New Orleans Crime Scene Cleanup

In order to protect New Orleans residents from these harmful effects of hoarding, New Orleans Crime Scene Cleanup has services available throughout the city. Our services provide experienced professionals who specialize in safely removing all types of hoarded objects from homes, as well as disposing them properly so that they do not add to environmental pollution or impact public safety.

Additionally, our services also help restore hoarded spaces by cleaning out clutter and helping hoarders find new storage solutions for their belongings. Beyond hoarding cleanups, New Orleans Crime Scene Cleanup also offers unattended death cleanup services for all undiscovered deaths.

By providing both hoarding cleanup services as well as trash removal options in New Orleans, residents can rest assured that their home environment is clean and safe for everyone living within it – eliminating any potential health risks associated with hoarded items or excessive waste buildup. If you’re looking for professional assistance in either area then you should look no further than your local service providers who will help restore your home back to a healthy state quickly and efficiently!

Hoarding Cleanup New Orleans

Unattended Death Cleanup

Undiscovered deaths, also known as unattended or unsupervised deaths, are those that occur without anyone present to witness it or take any corrective action. These sorts of deaths can happen in a variety of circumstances and to different people, including the elderly, those with mental illnesses, and even young children.

The most common type of unattended death is due to natural causes such as a heart attack or stroke. In these cases, the victim likely will not have had any warning signs that something was wrong and so they pass away with no one else around them. Other unattended deaths can be caused by accidents such as drowning or choking on food; in these cases, the victim may have been alone when the accident happened but still have had someone nearby who could have intervened if they had been aware of the situation.

In some situations unattended deaths can result from suicide, overdose, or other self-inflicted injury. In addition to these types of unattended death there are also many other possible causes such as homicide, neglect, drug overdose or medical negligence. The exact circumstances surrounding an unattended death can vary greatly depending on what happened leading up to it and how long the body was undiscovered for.


Unattended deaths often go unreported because there is either no one around to bear witness or family members don’t want to report it for their own reasons. This lack of reporting means that information about unattended death rates is difficult to come by—in fact, estimates suggest that unattended death rates may actually be significantly higher than reported figures suggest.

Due to this lack of data regarding unattended deaths it is difficult for public health officials and policy makers to accurately assess preventative measures which might reduce the number of such instances occurring in future. As such more research needs to be done into the subject in order to gain a better understanding of trends related to unattended death rates and what factors contribute most heavily towards its occurrence. This knowledge could then be used to identify potential interventions which could help reduce future occurrences of unattended death and ensure the safety of all individuals regardless of age or medical condition.