Cleaning Up Spilled HIV Positive Blood and Bodily Fluids

If you work in the medical field, blood bank, or if you live with someone who is HIV positive then there is always a risk of blood spillage and contamination. Whether the blood is HIV positive or not, blood should always be cleaned properly to avoid transmitting any diseases. If left alone, spilled blood and other bodily fluids is unsanitary, a health hazard, and violates health codes in places of business. Here is the simple guide to effectively clean up HIV positive blood:

  • Put on latex gloves (for extra care wear 2 pairs)
  • Use a large amount of paper towels that can be thrown away immediately (avoid using towels that will be put into the washer to limit spreading any infections)
  •  Use 9- parts water mixed with 1-part bleach (make sure it is thoroughly mixed prior to use)
  • Spray or pour a large amount of disinfectant on area
  • Wipe up with more paper towels then repeat by adding more disinfectant
  • After sanitizing twice, make sure entire area is clean and dry
  • Throw away all used paper towels, latex gloves, and any item that came into contact with the blood and other bodily fluids
  • Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap and warm water
  • Sanitize your hands
  • Using Lysol disinfectant spray after cleaning is optional but recommended to kill any germs or bacteria on any surfaces and in the air

HIV is a serious disease, if you or anyone has come in contact with blood that is HIV positive, it is imperative that you go to your doctor and let them know you’ve been exposed to HIV positive blood and to give you a blood test for HIV. Never take such situation lightly and it’s better to be cautious then to be careless.

Can Blood Be Cleaned Out of Carpet?

When blood affects a carpeted area, it is treated differently than other surfaces that may have been exposed. Because of carpet’s porous materials and absorbent characteristics, there is no true way to clean blood out of the surface area. It turns out that when using a normal carpet cleaning service for blood cleanup, many companies will not perform the job at all because there is a serious risk for cross-contamination and standard cleaning equipment can also be affected to the point where it must be replaced.

The only true way that blood cleanup can occur on carpet is to completely remove the area that was affected. This involves cutting away the carpet, sanitizing the underlying surface, and expanding the cleaning to adjacent areas that are at risk of contamination as well. A professional blood cleanup service will follow these protocols in accordance with local guidelines, and the waste material will be transported and discarded via a safe, legal method that protects the health of others. After cleaning has taken place, the areas will be thoroughly tested for any remaining pathogens or biohazards. This is why handling the entire cleaning process professionally is so important, and only a certified blood cleanup service should be used.​