Unattended Deaths (Human Decomposition) Clean Up | New Orleans, Louisiana


An unattended death scene is something that no one prepares to face, many elderly people reside alone and if an unexpected illness occurs, the person can die. Without any one checking on the victim, they die undiscovered. This is an extremely disastrous and tasking scene to clean because it requires a decomposed cleanup of bodily fluids, biological material that are usually contained in the body that can lead to physical damage within the home and airborne bacteria that causes lingering odours that are beign annoying and hazardous. In this situation, it’s extremely important to hire experts that specialize in decomposition cleanup from a team of bioremediation specialists to help bring back the site to a sanitary and livable condition. New Orleans Crime Scene Cleanup Service has trained team and bioremediation specialist best to call upon for unattended death scene clean up. They properly ensure that your property is thoroughly restored and disinfected and take care of the cleaning process hereby restoring the site to a livable condition.

Here are some advice to remember concerning decomposition and unattended death cleanup:

  • Do not attempt to sanitize the area yourselves, as it is highly risky. Decomposed material carry blood borne diseases that are highly transferrable when contacted with.
  • To return the area back to a livable condition trust the technicians team for your decomposition cleanup. As cleaning products you may want to use are not effective to use in decomposition cleaning.
  • Do not enter the area without proper respiratory protection due to the possible presence of destructive airborne bacteria and viruses.
  • Decomposition odours are inexplicable and are highly dangerous Aerosol sprays will not eradicate them. Hence our experts are highly required to be hired for your cleaning service.

As professional & experienced cleaners, we ensure a complete and thorough cleaning service for the scene, we restore safe and hygienic conditions and we will do everything we can to show loved ones compassion and respect while cleaning. We hope that our services can help soften the emotional blow that this situation may cause. Effects of leaving the scene untreated may be long lasting & dangerous for future occupation. For more information and queries contact our certified and trained technician today!



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