Stabbing Cleanup | What’s involved in cleaning up blood

Cleaning up blood from a stabbing can be very difficult to remove. Most individuals think that a degreaser and bleach will do the job. Scientists recently discovered something very troubling. Some household cleaners can remove all traces of blood that are left behind from a crime of suicide. If a criminal can simply use these products to clean up after they have committed a crime, police, and homicide detectives may have a hard time gathering evidence to solve the case. To remove blood stains, like an accident from the kitchen, you have to have industrial strength cleaners and a good sanitizer to clean and disinfect the scene safely. New Orleans Crime Scene Cleanup has the experience and knowledge to clean and disinfect all crime and suicide scenes in New Orleans. New Orleans does have a big crime rate that doesn’t seem to be decreasing in the near future. We clean up after blood, bodily fluids, unattended deaths, and crime scenes. When a stabbing occurs, it needs to be cleaned immediately to keep from any dangerous diseases being spread to other people that are close to the scene of the crime. The individual that got stabbed may have HIV or AIDS. This can be a very dangerous situation and needs to be handled right away. 

Despite the study’s results, this cleaning process doesn’t mean that bloody crime scenes are a thing of the past. “People committing violent crimes often don’t have time to clean up after the mess they have created; they leave a lot of stuff behind. Most of the time they leave a trail of blood that can go for 1-2 blocks and then the scene is considered to be very bad. Cleaning up a trail of blood can be hard because of the amount of blood that has traveled a few blocks down the road. Be careful if you decide to take this gruesome task on by yourself. Make sure you have the proper PPE and several gloves on hand as you will be using them. 


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