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                                               Homicide Cleanup

What is homicide clean up?

Crime scene cleanup or Homicide cleanup is a term that is used to describe the cleanup of blood, body fluids, body remains, potentially infectious materials etc after a murder. it is also often termed as biohazard remediation because homicide scenes are basically only a portion of the situation in which biohazard cleaning is needed. The incidents needing such cleaning may include accidents, suicides and even cleaning up decomposing body if it is left unattended after death. It involves using special techniques, training and cleaning agents.

What are the requirements for homicide cleanup?

For homicide cleaning, you do not need any specific degree even though you do need proper training before you can start working. Here are a few humanly traits that you should possess if you intend to work as homicide cleaner in New Orleans:

  • Being compassionate: New Orleans crime scene cleaners come across a number of tragic situations so they should be able to be gentle and supportive towards the family of deceased.
  • Having stamina: Homicide cleaning job can be a quite hectic and challenging task. It can require homicide technicians to wear biohazard suits, face masks, respirators, gloves etc.
  • Having training: Training is compulsory for homicide cleaning. It is important to educate the technicians on cleaning methods, use of Personal Protective Equipment etc.
  • Having Integrity: Because people trust them with their homes, it is important to have integrity and moral values. Technicians are checked for their criminal and drug record before they are hired for the services.
  • Commitment: Being a homicide cleaner can be a full time service. Sometime people require the services in the middle of the night so a technician should be prepared for such situations.
  • Paying attention: The technician should be careful and he should pay attention to small details and processes. A little carelessness can result into much worse results.

What does homicide clean up involve?

Homicide cleanup involves cleaning and sanitizing homes, business places, vehicles and organizations after a homicide. The technicians should be compassionate towards the ones bearing the loss during the provision of services. They work to relieve people from the burden of cleaning up the remains of their loved ones and help them to return to a home that is clean and safe.

How is homicide clean up different from normal cleaning?

Homicide cleaning involves more than just cleaning a place that looks apparently clean. It means it involves sanitizing too to make sure that the place is safe for further use. They wash the area with special cleaning agents. A murder involves violence and injuries so bodily fluids and body parts can be found around the scene. This biological matter should be handled with extreme care. A technician should have the right tools and skills to properly clean up the scene. Carelessness can result into grave results such as technician contracting a grave disease. In case of improper clean up, the people who are using the crime scene can also be affected.


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