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New Orleans Murder Cleanup Services. If you get nauseated at the sight of blood and bodily fluids, you might think of finding another job than crime scene cleanup. becoming a crime scene cleaner is not just wiping up blood and then leave. Sometimes it takes hours and days to complete a scene from a murder or suicide. New Orleans Murder Cleanup!

Many people confuse crime scene investigation with being a crime scene cleanup company. With a murder, sometimes you have to remove flooring, sheetrock, and sub-flooring to remove the blood and bodily fluids. If unattended, blood with start to leave a foul odor called decomposition. Decomposition can be very difficult to remove in any crime of suicide scene. It takes special equipment and experience to rid the smell of an unattended death.

Things to watch out for on a murder / crime scene

  • Needles and sharp objects that can poke or cut you
  • Blood and all bodily fluids
  • Human flesh
  • Bacteria and diseases
  • Maggots

New Orleans Crime Scene Cleanup are a team of highly trained cleaning and sanitizing specialists. We have been in business for over 13 years serving the cities of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Slidell. After remediating the area that has been contaminated with blood and other bodily fluids, we seal the room in which the crime occurred.

Why is Professional Cleaning So Important?

The reasons for using a professional cleaning service specializing in infectious disease cleanup are numerous, but there are a few prominent points that the client should understand. Normal cleaners and other supplies found around the home are simply not strong enough to take care of a situation that is as serious as infectious disease cleaning over a wide area. Professional cleaners make use of the same resources that can be found in food preparation sites or medical facilities where decontamination is the top priority. Another factor in cleanup is the cleaning method itself. A cleaning service with professional protocol follows certain steps to thoroughly clean every surface and make sure that pathogens have been eradicated.

New Orleans Murder Cleanup
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